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Commercial Rikshaw
For more than two decades, Satnam Industries is renowned as leading manufacturer of three-wheeled commercial vehicles in the state of Uttarakhand. From common people's favorite Electric vehicle to today's Satnam Industries had come a long way..
passenger Rikshaw
Passenger Auto Rickshaw / 3 wheelers are available in a wide range / variants, from passenger carriers of different configurations to load carriers , water tankers and tippers . They are exported to other state and gaining popularity wherever sold .
School Rikshaw
There is a brand new School Rickshaw available for Play School / Retailer Shop purpose, with a beautiful wooden hut with an aluminium coated sheets.

Welcome To Satnam Industries, Haridwar
Satnam Industries incorporated in 2005 and established its product in market with range of agriculture implements for the farmers of India. After various development and research company has also developed its new range of product electric rickshaw.

Our factory based in Uttarakhand producing quality products in good environment with dedicated team of professional workers producing best quality products.
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